Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harvest time

Today was the first fall day with that certain chill in the air. The cool breeze that lets me know my fair city may soon look like this…

Time to kick my autumn harvest into high gear.  The miniature urban landscape that is my back porch has just enough space to turn into a lush container garden each spring. It may not be the back forty, but it’ll do. This year my tiny oasis of green produced over 30 varieties of herbs and flowers and I’ve reaped the rewards of daily watering and care since early May.  But that chill in the air signals the last hurrah of fresh parsley on the back porch and pesto at a moment's notice.

A few pics of the Big Red Oven autumn harvest. Recipes to follow…

Italian parsley, basil & mint

bay, perfect for soups
and stews

lemon verbena combined with
mint makes great tea

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